Question: I have a idea that I want to keep secret but I want to know how much it will cost to ask you to create to for me. how do i get an idea of costs and how you do things before I hire you?

Answer: We suggest starting with a general phone call when we can discuss your objectives ‘in the round’ and tell you how we will go about your project. We can give you a rough idea of costs – subject to your final briefing to help you do your budgeting.

Question: Will you sign an NDA?

Answer: YES. We need to know that what we are signing is not in conflict with any other clients projects, so we need to learn broadly what the product is before we can sign an NDA. this can be done in a phone call without you disclosing and confidential information.

Question: Do you have a factory in the UK or USA?

Answer: We know of factories in the UK but almost any kind of more complex product has to be made off shore.

Question: Can you make my samples?

Answer: Yes, but we generally only make samples where the factory will also get the production order subject to quality and price.

Question: How much does a design cost?

Answer: We need to know what kind of design, the target market, the materials you’d like, the timescale etc before we can answer this.

Question: Can you make a copy of a sample I bought?

Answer: NO, we do not copy.

Question: Who owns the design rights to what i pay you to design for me?

Answer: We comply with UK and E.U. Law. Technically the designer owns the copyright to what is created. We offer to assign the design rights to you when you pay your fees.

Question: I am in XYZ Country – how do we work with a designer in the UK?

Answer: We are very experienced at working with international clients – it’s normal. We communicate by Skype and any other method you like.

Question: Can you speak my language?

Answer: We speak and work in English. We know a little Mandarin and German and French but suggest we communicate in english.

Question: How can I pay you?

Answer: You can pay by direct bank transfer, PayPal or sometimes by credit card over the phone.

Question: I just want to get a sample made – I have a perfect design already and do not need any design work or specification for production done. Can you make my sample?

Answer: If you dont need any design work you would be better off going direct to a factory – you would not need our design expertise.

Question: I want to make a handbag – do you design handbags?

Answer: If your handbag needs to have strong functional as well as styling ideas then we can help you – but if you just want a fashion handbag there are plenty of handbag designers who can help you.

Question: I am not in the UK – can we speak on the phone to discuss my plans?

Answer: Yes, we suggest we speak by Skype which is free. Just email us with a suggested date and time to have a chat and we will be pleased to chat – free of charge – and listen to your objectives and see if we can help you. No obligation.

Question: How much will your services cost?

Answer: First tell us what you need us to do and we can provide a written quote in advance. We have a ready made short document we can send you that will help you brief us.

Question: How do I contact you? What time are you open?

Answer: You can email info@design-iq-ltd.com anytime, or phone 9am till 6pm GMT on +441179548003. For enquiries from the USA we are open till around Midday your time.