How We Work

How we work: here are two typical ways we work with clients..

How we work

OPTION A. “Design & Manufacture of bags”

This is how it works ….”Brief us – Commercialise designs – Supply”…

We design a collection ‘from scratch’ based upon the clients brief and work through the process to supply finished bags ex-factory or delivered to your warehouse.

Alternatively if we have something suitable for you – you can select from our stock of ready made designs and have them customised to your requirements.

Typical Process:

  • Learning about your brand / Market Brief:
    • Tell us what do you want to achieve?
    • Who are your competitors?
    • What price do you want to sell at?
    • How many can you sell?
    • What other brands do you admire?
    • What should the range structure be like?
    • How should your branding be treated?
  • Commercial arrangements agreed in advance. Costs and payment will all agreed ‘up front’. Broadly if we are developing a collection from scratch the costings are structured in a simple affordable step by step process.
  • Usually we start by creating Design Concepts which are visualisations of what your bags might look like and how they might work. At this stage we disuss all the details of the product, the functionality, the loks and the fabrics etc.
  • You select the ones you like and then we customise and develop the designs in detail and submit for your approval.
  • The next step is to create specification documents so the factory can make the samples.
  • Note: You are welcome to then take the product specifications to your own factory to make them – or we can do it for you.
  • We then make the samples with the chosen partner factory.
  • Customer reviews samples with estimated prices. Conducts product tests if required and last but not least decides colour and branding.
  • We then may need to make more samples to refine the product so it is perfect.
  • Customer places order, with delivery date and pays Deposit for production.
  • We supply pre-production sample for approval. Final production details finalised.
  • Mass production and Quality control.
  • Delivery and balance payment due.
  • After delivery we offer to do staff training ‘in store’ and work with you to maximize sales.
  • When sales reports come in we meet to review sales and work to refine the products to capitalise upon successful products, and then supply repeat orders to maximise return on sales.

B. “Design Only Service”

Customer asks us to design and create products to their brief. Client provides an accurate brief covering what the product is, the target market, the target prices the competitors etc etc.  In this option we supply design drawings and specifications and customer does their own sampling,  development and production.

Typical Process:

  • Brief from customer.
  • Design IQ supply’s a summary of understanding of customer requirements, our fees, costs, work schedule, payment schedule and trading terms.
  • Client approves contract, design or merchandise targets and supplies Purchase Order and Deposit payment.
  • Design IQ starts work and develops Concepts & Designs.
  • Presentation of Designs to customer. Design IQ works with client to review, discuss and if required revise Concepts and Designs.
  • Designer proceeds to develop balance of designs to complete project.
  • Presentation of full collection details to client including styles, colours, trims, fabrics, graphics etc.
  • Completion of Designs, Delivery with specifications and artwork.
  • The process above can be combined with the Supply service if agreed in advance.

design iq workflow diagram

So what is the difference between A and B?

Fundamentally with option A we take responsibility for the complete process of delivering a finished product at a finished price to you. We offer, at your choice – to be involved in the commercialisation of the products from the start.

With option B. we do the design work only – and your team is responsible for all the other stages of making a finished product. You do all the product sampling, refinement, fit testing, commercialisation, ordering and overseas factory management and quality control. You get the benefit of an experienced and talented design team but you do all your own product development and manufacturing.

In summary:

If you work with Design IQ you are working with people who understand the entire process from market research to product development and then to delivery of a finished product in-store and consumer promotion through both traditional media and social media. Use us in the way that suits you the best –  you can pick and choose the steps you want  – we are open minded, and here to be of service.