Quotes From Customers

Quotes from customers

Comments from Design IQ Bag Design and Manufacture Customers:

“When I first approached Guy ( Creative Director of Design IQ) with my bag idea, I was instantly impressed by his professional and methodical approach to the project.

With carefully defined and thought out design stages he is helping make decisions along the way by raising questions that I hadn’t even thought about.

Using his wealth of manufacturing knowledge I soon hope to have that all important first sample.

With his eye for detailed design and innovative thinking it is quite probable that a patentable part is created along the way.

We might start with a great idea and hope to finish with it selling well in the stores, but overlook that huge void in the middle. This is where Guy excels !”

Mike B. of Stylox.

“…I had quite a few comments at our sales meeting that the bags looked great and were at the right prices”
Tog 24

I also spoke with Guy and was immediately impressed with his personable approach, expertise and professionalism. Sharing your ideas with a professional company can be a daunting experience but Guy put my concerns to rest and my advice to anyone starting out is to be open when sharing your ideas with Design IQ. Anyone can copy ideas and even the final product but you need to be the first one producing it to become a leader in the market and Design IQ certainly have the capability to help you do this. They offer design, prototype and manufacturing services at a reasonable cost.

I decided to take some more time to refine my initial concept and do some more market analysis following discussion with Guy but will definitely use DesignIQ services in the near future.

– Russell Smith

“It has got to be said you have been excellent value for money”
Oswald Bailey

“all the designs were superb and it was very difficult to choose the best one”…….”I would like to thank you personally for the excellent work you and your team have done for us…. some particular designs have really stood out and provoked a considerable, un-solicited positive response”.


“I am more than happy with the whole experience of working with you.”

-Lara Milanova at Hamster bags.

After speaking with Guy I was offered a lot of invaluable advice and recommendations going above and beyond what I expected from an introductory call. I felt there was no pressure to use their services and given valuable help to take ideas forward.

-Alice Duston

“We were very satisfied with the designs, especially as the sell through was very good!”

– Migros Switzerland.

“You have been an excellent Marketing tool”

– S. Poulter – T.M.G.

Comments from ‘end user’ customers:

“I am really pleased with my Goddess bag and I know it’s just what my daughter was looking for”

“I think the fleetfoot is fab!!  I wear it every time I go running”

“I love the gymwise bag – ideal for me cycling to the gym”

“A truly ingenious product, a really good idea”

“a creative design from a very creative company. They consistently seek to develop the ideal product and the Urban expandable bag is a superb concept”

“I received my bag as a christmas gift and LOVE IT! I live in New York City and its a great bag for me as I go to the gym every morning and this bag is stylish and carries everything that I need and more!! Just wanted to let you know how much I love it! These need to be sold in the US!”